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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 11, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> was there a point before you launched the app where were you like oh, my god this sucks. >> yes. yes. i don't think w we, we are very self critical.
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>> facebook mark zuckerberg. first interview since taking his company public. good evening everyone. i'm carolyn johnson. dan has the night off. zuckerberg broke his silence about the 50% drop in stock prices going public 4 months ago and he also talked about where facebook goes from here. zuckerberg made his remarks at the tech crucial conference in san francisco. of david louie was there. >> it was long awaited event. 25 minute interview with mark zuckerberg with questions from the founder of tech crunch michael harrington. zuckerberg hasn't made any public remark since face back went public nearly 4 months ago. with the stock price dropping over 50% recently that was the first issue raised. >> performance of the stock is obviously been disappointing. right. we care about our shareholders and the commitment that we made is that we are going to execute this mission of making the world more open and connected and we are going to do this things we think will build value over the long-term.
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>>reporter: investors worried whether facebook had a strategy to put ads on mobile phones nearly 1 bill users shift away from desk top computers. >> we see great mobile product get developed. they have to be integrated into the product. what we are seeing already even with the early mobile ads we have they perform better than the right column add on desk top. we know we are going to do well. >>reporter: he mentioned the possibility of next generation search product. >> face back is pretty uniquely position to answer the question that people have. so what sushi restaurant have my friends gone to in new york. in the past 6 months. and like. >>reporter: game social network developer welcome the break in silence even as he spoke at lightning speed. >> spoke really fast. i think he has been wanting to get these things out for awhile. >>reporter: why dunk he has held back to this point. >> probably a lot of wanting to let the public market make their own decisions and not
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influence himself until he was ready. >> i think his remark the community will end up making mobile version of the device of technology that will help a lot of mobile. >>reporter: zuckerberg said many new products will be coming out nut next 6 months. see if the wide ranging comment will sooth anxiety of investors and restore their confidence. face book share gained 3 percent today ahead of his fire side chat. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> dramatic new video of last month chevron he can nrotion richmond released tonight. surveillance video show release of white vapor cloud followed by explosion and fire. video released by the safety board at tonight richmond city council meeting. investigators from the board say a section of pipe near the failure had degraded to the point it was only 116th of an inch thick. 80 percent less than it should have been. the chemical safety board also said that section of pipe was not inspected during routine
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maintenance last november. 1 15,000 residents went to local hospitals complaining of breathing trouble. about 1,000 people attended tonight's candle light vigil for lafayette college student. vij it he graduated from the school and 2 younger siblings attend the school. fisherman found olson body sunday on the sacramento river after the 20-year-old college student vanished a we can ago interchico. it's believed the cal polly student drowned. autopsy is being conducted. college prep in san jose amid credible cushion of sexual abuse involve a student targeted bay jesuit brothers more than 4 decades ago. it released the letter which tack place in the 19 skis. in the letter he says he has met with former student who boarded at the school to apologize and express support for him. it also encourages others who may have been abused to seek a path to healing. the the letter
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sent to students who went to the school from 1964 to 1974 when that jesuit brother lived on campus. well now to a rush to land the largest number of jobs bay area has seen in a long time. more than 1,000 people lined up in livermore first hour of the first job fair for the new pair gone outlet shopping maul. it's expected to hire 2000 people. here's wayne freidman. >> if you wonder how the face of unemployment looks let's go to the plural. roughly 2000 people at a job fair in livermore they want employment at outlet maul opening in november. >> i have been a substitute teacher. financial advice or. i have been all over the place and this is the worst job climate i have ever seen. >>reporter: that's brian looking for a job in retail. man who his not worked in close to a year an half. even in livermore where unemployment numbers are lower than the county and statement he had plenty of company stretching in a line around the block. >> i'm in lean to take a look
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at just about everything they have to offer today. it has been about two years. >> this the is a large line. >>reporter: volume up tier and retired nurse could not believe the size of had crowd. >> it's just part of our economy right now. >> hi there. >>reporter: now consider the irony in brian case. >> that part is really educate in economic you know why everything is happening. >>reporter: he's a few credit short of a p hd. 29 years old. living home with his parents. and chronically over qualified for most of the jobs in this room. >> if if you are interested in sales or cashier or stock position go on and aplay for that. i have to keep plugging away and hopefully get searching. highly educated. he had retail experience. might be someone good for the store. >> ever feel like you are jumping through hoops. >> yes all the time but you have to jump through hoop if you want to get what you want. >>reporter: and they are jum jumping. maul describes the jobs everything from paar part-time job to full-time job to management jobs. to sales jobs. describe today as kind
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of eye test. look at the applicant. look at the resume. chat with them. bring back the promising candidates later on and maybe do some hiring after that as we said the opening day in the mall scheduled to be november 8. in livermore, 7 news. new report by the government shows the bay area boast 2 strongest job markets in the country. according at the time bureau of labor statistics the strongest employment market is the san francisco san mateo marin region. that area saw 4.4 percent increase in total payroll jobs during the 12 month that is ended in july. santa clara came in second with a 3 and a half percenten crease over the same period. san jose mayor reed is defending his driving skills tonight after receiving a ticket for failure to use his turn signal. reed received the 35 dollar ticket this morning on his way to city hall when he was making a turn in a marked right turn lane. reed says is a cautious driver and that this is his first ticket in decades. >> oakland mayor kwan is continuing her cheer leading
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effort to keep professional sports teams in town last tonight's night raider game today she targeted local businesses. here's nick smith. >> oakland mayor kwan spent her morning encouraging business owners to hang these signs to show their love for oakland professional sports teams. but the mayor conversation with team owners that could reveal the love flows both ways. >> when we are talking i'm always optimistic. not going to get much more prosecute me than that. >>reporter: teams asking for more. much more. oakland the only city in the state with major league baseball basketball and football sports teams. but all 3 may split for the aluring promise of new dig if greener pastures. mayor is convinced that keeping the 3 teams in oakland will move the city balance sheet out of the red. >> our economy grew by 11 million last year and i think it will continue to grow. .>reporter: >>reporter: professional teams talk about the bottom line.
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people eat and doing it over a hot slice of pizza helps his business thrive. >> people come here to meet other people to talk to each other and the local sports teams is a great way to do that. >> but there is no public money left for stadium construction. a's and warriors intent on moving to wealthier bay area counties. even with promise of multi-use sports complex that would house all 3 teams the raiders are the only ones who have made it clear they want to stay in oakland but city leaders need to find a way to pay for it without leaning on taxpayers. >> what we are basically promising the pun is that the general fund will never be put at risk in any of these deals. >>reporter: that will require creative accounting and possibly new bond measures that require long-term commitment. oakland alameda county are still paying 10 million each every year on the 1995 city bond that brought the raiders up from la. fans of keeping the team right here in the city of oakland quick to highlight last nature sold out raider
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game. clear demonstration of the commitment to the team and the strong fan base. no move required. in oakland, abc 7 news. >> oakland a pitcher brandon out of the hospital tonight less an week after his skull was fractured by a line drive. he was hit in the head last wednesday game against the angels. then underwent 2 hours of brain surgery that night. he has made excellent progress. he says he expects to pitch again hopefully this season. the pitcher release add statement expressing how grateful he is to his doctors, team mates and his fans. we are learning about some of the people who received organ from the highway patrol officer shot to death last wee week. 29-year-old bay area mother got one of his kidney and pancreas. 52-year-old woman received his other kidne kidney. she had been on transplant waiting list for 10 years. liver went to 63-year-old woman and 50-year-old man married with 4 children in southern california received officer young strom's heart. he died when a drive he
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pulled over during a traffic stop last week opened fire and shot him in the head. u.s. embassy are attacked in egypt and license yeah one american dead. we have the very latest plus. >> he has the weapon in the hand. he has ak 47. >> very tense situation in los angeles tonight as police chase a murder suspect. >> i'm expense interthe accu-weather forecast center as our late summer warming continues will it last through the weekend? find out in my accu-weather find out in my accu-weather forecast coming up >> also ahead. larry king has new tv gig. the billionaire who is paying him to stay behind the camera. >> and mysterious case of china disappearing
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>> an american is dead and another wounded after militant attacked a u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. these pictures just came in to our newsroom. armed man can be seen waving his rifle at buildings and cars engulfed in flames. they were set on fire inside the u.s. consulate compound in bengazi. here's another image of the consulate on fire. militant protest ago film that offends islam. smoke flames seen billowing out of the building. secretary of state hillary clinton is condemning this attack. >> protestors breached the u.s.
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embassy cairo today. they climbed the walls. pulled down an american flag and destroyed it. militant replaced it with a black flag bearing islamic klairtion of faith. this is the first time the cairo embassy compromised and more now from alex. >>reporter: hundreds of angry demonstrators descended tonight on the american embassy in cairo. some manage to scale the embassy high wall pulling down an american flag and ripping it to shreds. others wave the black flag that lack like those of al qaeda. one man scaled a flag pole while others lit flares. the protestors are furious about a movie which appears to have been made in america. they say insults the prophet mohammad beyond the insult any depicts of mohammad is for bid then islam. the new movie is being promoted by the likes of florida pastor terri jones. who infamously burped a curn 2010. jones said the movie is quote not designed to attack muslims but to show the
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destructive ideology of islam. >> they have to arrest this priest this christian protestor said. im ambassador knew something was brewing after they wereent parts of the film asking about their involvement. ambassador and most of the staff had left the complex ahead of the protest. then they put out a statement condemning quote the continuing evident by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of muslims. there was also an attack tonight on the american consulate in bengazi libya. that incident believed to have been sparked also by this controversial film. meanwhile in cairo the protest have quieted. american embassy there tells that you say all the personnel have safe and accounted for. thinks jerusalem news is that rocket attack in afghanistan today destroyed nato helicopter and killed 3 afghan intelligence employees independence that chopper. nato service members on board who there were some nato service members on board wound entered that attack. the
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military says the crew was con did you telling routine nighttime maintenance. taliban is claiming responsibility. >> china revving to comment on the whereabouts of man favored to be the next president of china fueling speculation about his well-being. ping vanished from view. he's cancelled at least 3 meetings with foreign dignitary including secretary of state hillary clinton. the blog sphere is talking about him being sick. hurt from playing sports. kidnapped. even just bid getting ready to head up china communist party. last time he was seen in public was september 1st. >> well prom fent group of americans is now on the payroll of billionaire in opposition lead interthe former soviet republic of georgia. larry king former news man and retired congressman joined the advisory board of a private georgia television station founded by billionaire listed here. station is formally owned by his wife. he wants a stronger relationship with russia where the tycoon made
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about one-third of his 6 billion dollar fortune. quite a team behind him now. >> yes. looks that way. >> we are enjoying some very warm weather right and spencer is here. >> wevrment it is going to get warmer over the next few days. summer not done with us yet. we are happy about that. live view from the high definition roof top camera at abc 7. coyote tower lit newspaper red white blue in recognition of september 11 on this lovely mild evening around the bay area. coastal fog and doppler you can see fog up against the coast line a.lot offshore and making the push towards the land and moving locally inland overnight. through the december heert of southern nevada is a line of thunderstorms las vegas in fact had a record 1.18 inches of rainfall record for this date as downpour from these thunderstorms proud local flooding in las vegas and areas around vegas and see even now
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still some active weather out there in the desert. back to the bay area things calm and mild right now. 56 in san francisco. 62 across the bay oakland up at santa rosa ments can 66 concord 72 at antioch. these are the highlights coastal fog tipping to develop of night. mild to warm again tomorrow and even warmer thursday friday and saturday as we have some nice summer weather carrying us that the weekend. overnight tonight low pressure mainly in the mid to low mid 50's with a little fog as i mention pushing just beyond the coast line. on the satellite image you see a building ridge of high pressure with very warm air and compressing the marine layer and as it does so it allows us to warm-up and diminish coastal fog we expect tomorrow and see the fog just drift away maybe a few patches of coastal fog. coast line sunny tomorrow as well as inland area of course with the fog layer compressed
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and that means we have another warm day in the south bay look for high pressure mainly in the low to mid 80's. 83 at san jose. 85 at campbell on the peninsula we see upper 50's so low 80's. 80 redwood city. 82 lot altos. mid 60's on the coast at pacifica and half moon bay. downtown san francisco high of 68 and 64 in the sun set district up in the north bay nice and warm with high mainly in the 80's. 83 at santa rosa. 83 at nap a.nearest bay high 72 berkeley 74 oakland 78 union city. 80 at castro valley and fremont inland east bay warmer of course with high in the upper 80's to around 90. any at fairfield and antioch 89 pittsburgh livermore 91 at brentwood and high in the low mid 70's here at watsonville santa cruz. mid upper 80's gilroy morgan hill. here's 7 day forecast mid 90's inland on thursday friday mid 80's around
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the bay and upper 60's on the coast. really nice warm coastal weather coming our way approach the end of the week. it will continue to be mild to warm right on through the weekend early next week. heat will taper off. >> by a few degrees. >> all they have to paragraph is that it's safe. not that it works. tonight supplement researchers say is no life researchers say is no life safer ah. fire bad! just have to fire roast these tomatoes. do you churn your own butter what? too? this is going to give you a head start on your dinner. that seems easier sure does who are you? [ female announcer ] new progresso recipe starters. five delicious cooking sauces you combine with fresh ingredients to make amazing home-cooked meals.
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>> gunfire tonight after a high speed chase through the streets of loss alaska. police were going after a possible murder suspect armed with an ak 47 assault rifle. helicopter cameraman describes what happened after that suspect
9:25 pm
white car crashed in the intersection. >> he's out of the vehicle. hard to see he has the weapon in hand. looks like he has gone down. he has ak 47 in the hand. trying to return fire right now. shots are fired. they are in a gun battle here in the intersection. lapd officers and gun ballots we pull out here. okay we are going to push in. we have some weather coming through here some clouds but you can see the suspect is down. >> suspect did go down. he was shot by police. but he is expected to survive. health news tonight about one of the most popular diet supplement in the country. doctors often recommend fish oil supplement for people with heart disease but new study says those pills are not doing what they thought. here's dr. richard vesser. >> fish oil makes a poor heart healthy. >> healthy heart. >> 7 40 million dollars. that's how much we spend on them a year. fish oil capsule. containing the substance heart
9:26 pm
doctors swear by. omega 3 fatty acid. look at the bottle. packaging says the capsule support a healthy hear heart. reduce the risk of coronary heart disease but today the ground breaking new study says the paragraph is oil capsule don't deliver on the promise. researchers looked at 20 studies on heart health and 70,000 patients all together. say that over all people who took fish oil supplement died of heart disease or stroke at the same rate as anybody else. in short, no proven benefit. >> there's a lot of claims made about a lot of diet and supplement that don't have the evidence behind. >> eating fish itself that helps. if you eat fish twice a week less likely to have heart disease and less likely to die from it. it's not clear why getting omega 3 in fool food not pill makes a difference but it looks like it does. one theory the body absorb the omega 3 from fish in a different way. another people who eat fish do other healthy things as if you are spending your money to take
9:27 pm
fish oil capsule to protect your heart it may better to put the money with a nice piece of salmon. >> dr. richard vesser reporting. >> as we continue here tonight, september 11 attack. how the bay area is commemorating that tragic event that took place 11 years ago today. >> also the convicted tax cheat who served 2 years for why is the government paying him 104 million dollars? l what the new i-phone won't have when it goes on sale. apple versus google. battle of silicon valley titans. >> left field. gonzalez. can't get it off the glove. >> giant come up with a big play but is it enough to whip the game.
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♪ honor guard carried a tattered american flag that once flew at new york city world trade center. the families of september 11 victims took turns reading the names of the nearly 3000 people who died 11 years ago today. and tonight in lower manhattan a tribute that lights up the evening sky at the site where the twin towers once stood. there were ceremonies around the bay to honor those who lost their lives 11 years ago. sanchez shows us the remembrances. >> in san jose bell toll for the first response firefighter firefighters. firemen gathered at station 1 on north market street to pay respects. >> frank j callahan. frank east positive seat oychlt in san francisco they remember the 3 43 firefighters who died in
9:32 pm
new york. and what they did. >> sacrifice that people make. it does remind us about the constitutes and responsibilities that these young men and women have. >>reporter: 53 cadette going through the academy now joined them. they will graduate in december. >> we brought them hear today to station 7 just to put in their minds the great sacrifice in a contrary like this about to embark upon e-union city many gather at the permanent flight 93 memorial. it was built hear because the flight that wept down in pennsylvania was bound for san francisco. many of those on board lived or worked here. in san francisco, recently opened recreation center in china town named after betty ong the american airlines flight attendant who called the airline emergency line to let the world know the plane had been hijacked. she played here as a child. >> every day we always remember betty and the other victims. whenever i fly airplanes i always bring the story of betty
9:33 pm
with me. they read it and i always tell each and every flight attendant i'm with that they are always if our prayers. >> in a way the tears of joy and we have a beautiful center in san francisco to honor all the little kids will learn and pass the story on. >> toen expire all of us to do the hard work we need to do to make sure that event lake 9/11 never happens again. >> nearby up telegraph hill coyote tower blows red white blue symbolic. harry says the pain of loss never really goes await a minute he just hopes that future generations will never forget. >> there are more commemoratio commemorations hercules police officers wearing special 9/11 badges during the month of september. they have images of the twin towers and pentagon and include the number of police and firefighters who died in the attacks. in napa steel beam taken from the trade center rubble are used for memorial under construction there. artwork includes glass
9:34 pm
panel with the names of the victims. that memorial will be erect entered downtown napa. president obama requested government agency fly the american flag at half staff today to hop those who died in the september 11 terrorists attacks. but should that apply to other high profile flag as well? mark has that story from san francisco castro district. >> community activist wilson calls it a disgraichlts i think it is disrespectful to qut the president made to honor all 9/11 people who were killed. >> wilson and blogger makeal are taking on the merchant association that owns and controls the flag. he didn't want to talk on camera but he has been bloging about this issue for years. this time the merchant association said the request to lower the flag wasn't submitted early enough. >> it doesn't explain the other problems that we have had any time we have asked the flag to be lowered in honor of community members, in honor of international days. >>reporter: the president of the mir chapter association is
9:35 pm
the gem manager of cliff variety. she couldn't rern our calls today. other board member at hot cookie also not available. third told me over the phone the flag policy is on the association web site. it reads. consistent with the principal established by the flag crator and broad community support, flag flies almost always at full staff with very rare exceptions. last year on the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks the flag was lowered. this year it was not. >> i'm glad you called my attention to it. i think it would be a good idea to fly at half staff. >>reporter: george admitted i hadn't noticed the flag position. others we talked to were more adamant about not lowering it. >> if we let people control up and down of the flag, that flag would be up and down every other day for every, all different purposes. it's a crazy notion that that flag should go down. >>reporter: most people we talked to in the droots didn't care. >> i don't think it matters. >> i don't know. >> i still have like respect for all the people lost in 9/11
9:36 pm
but i mean it's jaws flag. >> it really doesn't matter much to me. i'm not a flag waiver. >>reporter: it's important to know the request was for government agency and office to display the stars and stripes at half staff. some businesses in san francisco today did fly their flag at half staff. some did not. reporting from the castro, 7 news. >> irs confirming that it is giving annex banker 104 million dollars for being a whistle blower. bradley burkeenfeld creditd with exposing wide spread tax evasion at swiss bank, and served 2 and a half years in prison for fraud conspiracy conviction relateed to that case. irs levied 780 million dollar fine against ubs and required the bank to turn of the names of thousands of suspected american tax dodgers. that had never happened befor
9:37 pm
before. the irs says award represents 104 million messages to whistle blower around the world 30's now a safeway to report tax fraud and that the irs is now paying awards. 104 million dollars paid out to burkeenfeld is record pay out for the irs. tomorrow as the world likely says hello to apple newest i-phone apple jury's to say goodbye to some familiar app. jonathan bloom explains what the change is all about. >> click on the map icon on the newest i-phone software and you see evidence of something much bigger. gone are the google map replaced with apple own 3d voice guided navigation software. editor of venture beat said apple didn't do it for fun. >> there's enough friction between apple and google apple felt like they had to go out and map the entire world so it wouldn't be dependent on one of the biggest competitor. >>reporter: another competitor also getting cold shoulder as the 2 company enter a second
9:38 pm
patent lawsuit some blog report that unlike previous i phones apple newest one won't use samsung memory chip. >> apple making enemy. >> apple is not really in this business to make friends. they are in this business to make money. >>reporter: another possible example apple you tube app that has been there since the very first i-phone will disappear with the next update. the word here it was a mutual decision to get rid of the old tv icon so you tube could launch its own app on the app store. a lot of feature that android users have already had for years. lady gaga is finally available on your i-phone. her video were notoriously blocked because the i-phone couldn't display video with commercial if front of them. >> we have lost tens of thousands of media previously blocked this shows video full screen with the phone on the side or share and comment while you watch with the phone right
9:39 pm
side up. >> users on you tube basically have short attention span. they like doing stuff while the media playing. >>reporter: it's on the app store but no i-pad version yet that will launch in the next few months. this is abc 7 new news. while we are on the subject of phones nielson survey finds 58 percent of american teeners own a smart phone up from 36 percent just a year ago. coming up. growing demand that the mother milk bank
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>> program helping some of the smallest infant in the bay area is asking for help tonight. mother milk bank provides donated breast milk for mother who can't produce their own. now they have a daunting shortage. cooler at the mother
9:43 pm
milk bank in san jose situating to be filled but inside the freezer that hold dot natured milk have plenty of room to spare. >> this is milk that has come in from the donors but this is quite low. >>reporter: director says donation have actually remained steady but the program is in east 18 cents victim of its own success. >> demand for human milk especially donor milk is exponentially high. we are just getting calls every day for more and more hospital who want milk. >>reporter: increasingly the hospital include advance infant care unit like this one at the children hospital in san francisco. here doctors treat premature baby whose body weight jaws fraction of full term infant. specialist christy says they began adding milk from the bank about 6 months ago. >> we started purchasing donor milk for the very tiniest babies. the babies who are really most at risk for getting
9:44 pm
serious infection. >>reporter: when dominic hamilton isn't watching over her son she pump milk for them shell. would be willing to go nature extra for mother that can't produce enough something that uc fen kurnls. >> definitely a very good feeling to be able to help other mothers who can't produce milk. >> demand has risen substantially in the last several years from one and a half million ounce i 2009 to more than two million ounces last year. in centers like the fwhub san jose technician pass yourize the milk and process for distribution. volunteers who contact the bank asked to provide health information and take a free blood test. if everything is normal, >> we call them with big news yes we need your milk. >> a mother pumping at home can send it to the bank in prepaid coolers. she hopes a public appeal will bridge the short fall before the end of the year. >> we need to ramp up and mack sure everybody understands who we are and what we do.
9:45 pm
>> if you are a nursing mother interested in donating breast milk go to our web site and click on see it on tv. >> on katie a woman shared emotional journey of survival and continuing recovery after losing parts of all of her limb to rare flesh eating disease. she got the infection in may after falling from a zip line. getting a gash in the leg at the georgia river. doctors had to amputate both hands. her left leg and part of her right leg as we. she shared with katie the first moments when she knew her condition was serious. >> when i woke up my entire left leg was dark purple color. i wasn't able to walk. i wasn't able to speak. the only thing that i manage to battle was i think i'm dying. >> it was a remarkable story to hear. on tomorrow katie super model heidi klum joins katie
9:46 pm
and first national television interview following news of her pending divorce from seal. you can watch it here on abc 7 tomorrow beginning at 3:00 o'clock and coming up 7-year-old sets a new record tonight. we tell use this boy from ukraine is celebrating the surprising effort that put him [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan.
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[ female announcer ] new progresso recipe starters. your head-start to home cooked. >> severe thunderstorms bats las vegas today leaving vehicles strandeded and neighborhood flooded. rescuers rappel from helicopter trying to reach drivers trapped in water. there you see them using a harness to hoist one woman to safety. severe weather conditions in las vegas. >> time now for one last check of our forecast with spencer christian.
9:50 pm
>> things are looking much different here. here's a time lapse view from this afternoon from our east bay hills camera looking west ward. see the fog beginning to roll in from the coast. didn't make it very far this afternoon but we see more fog developing over nature. tomorrow state wide look for sunny warm conditions again top to bottom 63 eureka 94. chico 95. sacramento up to 101 down at palm springs. in the bay area another warm day our way high in the mid 60's at the coast. 70's to 80's around the bay and up to 90 inland. accu-weather 7 day forecast. thursday friday are quite warm within land high in the mid 90's. mid 80's around the bay. mid upper 60's on the coast. temperature start to taper off moving into the weekend. will remain warm through the weeken weekend. cool down a bit at the coast and inland locations is that sounds great. thank you spencer. >> drop and give us 50 right now. >> i probably could. >> so you may think you know a thing or two about push up but 7-year-old from ukraine he's really got it down. he seat new record after doing 4000
9:51 pm
push up ins a row. took him 2 hours 29 minutes. judges from the ukraine book of regard watched closely. he started training at age 5 and within a year he could 3000 continuous push ups. his personal best is more than 6000. he says he has already looking forward to break his own record. some begun on that young guy. even more difficult with hands turned out. we have a 20 push up limit to work in our sports department? a limit. >> up to 19. lopez -- defense took it on the rockies last night and spotted colorado 4 runs tonight and came alive. runs tonight and came alive. he wasn't alone hello?
9:52 pm
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00. 7 news i team update about the special ed teach whor slapped at least 2 students and kept his job. tonight the new witness who has gone to police. >> surveillance video that san rafael police are asking you to
9:55 pm
take a close look at. all come up on 7 news at 11:00. over on channel 7. >> writ now mike is here with sports. what a night for the giants and the a's. >> i tell you it's coming down the stretch here. in september remaipder of the giants schedule against national league west team. lots can change. a lead to the rockies tonight. colorado jumped on madison in bottom of the third. pacheco. on the hit-and-run. single to rate. the score from first. rockies on top 4 nothing. but he said i started this mess i'm going to fix it. top 4. he rips a 3 run blast off joe second of the season and tied at 4. in the fifth bell. 2 rbi double. out of the reach of gonzales. the score and 6-4 lead. solo shot later. top 6. angel. rip
9:56 pm
this 3 bearing. tie as giants record with the 12th triple of the year. the giants good on to win 9-8. now lead the dodgers by 6 games in the national league west. >> beautiful downtown anaheim. scoring in the second inning. smack a 17 home run of the season. solo shot off william williams. a's on top by wuchbility angels rae respond bottom of the second. wells goes deep off dan. 2 run blast angels jump up 2-1. in the fourth. moss breaks out the big lumber. a's in front and inside the park 2 run homer. up 6-3 in the 9th complete highlights tonight at 11:00. all right. national hockey league great ended sachlts lock out is looming. negotiations resume tomorrow. not met since last friday. sox players back in the bay area ready to start training camp. we caught one them today at san jose at the
9:57 pm
shark foundation golf classic. thornton 8 handy cap out there but ready to put the golf clubs down and pick up the hockey stick. >> i'm an optimist so i hope there is. i'm ready to mraichlt i have been training all summer. just expecting to my and start on time. my process is thinking training camp will start the 21st that's my mind set. hopefully they get something ham he recalled out and playing. >> hope for the best obviously all the players have great faith in don and executive board and what they are doing in new york and toronto. >> 3 days to get it together. all right. new look raiders old feel to them last night in the loss to the chargers. defense played well allowing only one touch down but the offense really struggled. bad news today as of wide receiver will upped go surgery injured left foot. miss significant time. can't be one trick pony in the nfl. putting the load on mcfadden shoulders. 15 care for only 32 yards. 13 catches
9:58 pm
for 86 yards. raid versus got to spread the ball around. more out of the full back and tight end and find a way to stretch the field vertically with the deep ball but chargers shut them down. >> wouldn't give up big play. corners were press scrimmage turning and run to the hill played extremely deep then line backers underneath. safety stayed pretty deep and gave us underneath throw and daryn did a good job when he got the ball. >> stopped from moving the ball lake we needed to. have to come back and win and ready for more work. >> stanford there first real test saturday. host the opene opener. rank second in the nation. one of the many reasons for success. perhaps the most explosives pair of wide receive interthe nation. 37 catches between them and 2 games both scored 4 times. quarterback barkley doesn't hurt. capable of making every throw needed to feed the 2
9:59 pm
about pichlt i have never seen 2 guys this is good on one college football team before. never seen it. you mit play app entire career on this and not 2 guys on the same field like these 2 much it's really about understanding your job on every single play. can't take a misstep. >> it will be a big saturday of college football on abc cal first game then am against ohio state. penn state hosting navy afterwards and prime game game notre dame and michigan and after the game will follow. i know who is following the establish ford usc game. >> nail biter. >> i think it will be a surprisingly good game. >> i think it will be good too. let's be positive. >> optimistic. >> exactly. thachltion forever joining us everyone. thanks for joining us. we appreciate your time. next newscast is on 7 at 11:00 over on channel 7. 7 at 11:00 over on channel 7. hope to see you then


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